I am a passionate learner, a book lover
and a coding enthusiast

My Story

My Story is nothing fancy, I am just your average John Doe from India with a drive to be something extraordinary and a deep passion for learning new skills and this blog represents just that, as Phil Collins once said “In Learning you will Teach, And in Teaching you will Learn” and while I don’t presume to know everything or even anything it is my hope that as I share my journey of learning to code here that I shall build those skills and help people who wish to learn about coding as well.

This blog is not a place where I am the expert, I am a learner and it is meant to be a journal of my own journey to learn to code and exploring this amazing field of Computer Science and life in general.

And as I move forward in this journey, I hope that all of the people who join me for the ride will be able to take something from here which helps them.